Ritual Theatre & Work that Reconnects
with Hector Aristizabal (Re-conectando)

June 27th - June 30th 2023 
Teatro di Montevaso, Chianni, Tuscany, Italy.

Héctor Aristizábal is a Colombian psychologist, director, and actor who founded ImaginAction to use theater to explore alternatives to conflict and to initiate community healing.

This summer, Hector Aristizabal returns to Europe after six years, to share his work in the Peace process in Colombia with Re-Conectando supporting the mandate of the Truth Commission, with Truth Reconciliation Laboratories in the womb of Mother Earth.

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During the Retreat, we will learn from Hector's experiential methodology inspired by "The Work That Reconnects," enriched by social theater and the design of healing rituals. This approach makes the reconnection with oneself, others, the Earth, ancestors, and future generations a tangible and embodied experience. 

The retreat is hosted and organized by social arts facilitators Ilaria Olimpico and Uri Noy Meir.

  • Connect to the wisdom of nature
  • Activate your embodied knowing
  • Become more aware of your personal and collective trauma
  • Design and experience healing rituals for collective healing

The Program Costs are as follows:

390 Euros (Supported)

480 Euros (Suggested)

780 Euros (Supporter)

These do not include the cost of accommodation and board.

Pay now a 150 Euros booking fee, and the rest on arrival.

The fee does not include accommodation and board (with all meals from the lunch of the 27th till the breakfast of the 30th), which is 228 per person in a double or triple room or 273 euros per person in a single room. It is possible to come early or leave a day later and pay an extra 25 euros per night (no meals provided for the additional days).

To reach the location, you may drive or take a taxi or take a bus From Cecina to Castellina Marittima or from Pontedera to Chianni. We will arrange for your transportation from there.

After registering, we kindly request that you complete a form to help us match you with other travelers and ensure smooth arrivals and departures. You can access the form at

If you have any special dietary requests or questions, please get in touch with Uri at or +39 3342834302.



Why Mentoring?

Mentoring is about valuing relationships in a social system, a community, or any group of people working and collaborating. It is not about transferring or practicing one or more methods or techniques or getting new tools to copy-paste.

It is a reconnective leadership program that offers you a creative opportunity to see and be seen in your gifts and talents, with sessions dedicated to showcasing your work, getting feedback, and cultivating listening, trust, and care. Throughout the program, you will be introduced to Social Arts practices as a space to make the invisible visible and reconnect with our bodies and our capacity to feel and witness the reality inside and outside us.

Who is it for?

The program is designed for leaders in different fields - education, social work, health, and the private sector  - committed to community healing, eco-social justice, and regenerative action for the future. When we talk about leaders, we mean anyone willing to lead the way toward more connection, regeneration, and flourishing life on earth. We realize that leading and facilitating processes can be emotionally and physically demanding. This type of work requires nourishing our inner sense of well-being. In turn, inner wellbeing is cultivated when we re-connect with ourselves,  others, and nature. 

Who are we?

We have worked extensively with people coming from grassroots movements and the non-profit sector. Now, it is time to take a transdisciplinary approach. We aim to heal a sense of separation between the private and non-profit sectors, academia and informal education, communities and government. We feel it is a time for us to unite and work together.




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Why Now?

We are facing a historical inter-related crisis (ecological, spiritual, social) where leaders' ability to cultivate awareness and stay connected with themselves, others, and Nature is essential.

If you work with teams and people, you have surely felt the challenge of working in an environment of growing uncertainty, social isolation, and widespread fear.

What do people say about the program?

Meet the Team


"A leader is anyone who chooses to take responsibility for shaping new realities, and sensing potential in every person and situation that has the courage to follow it and show the way for the emerging potential to grow into new possibilities."

- Soul Leadership

"Collective wellbeing is a paradigm for an emerging future. It is activated in groups that heal a sense of separation between self, other, and nature; encourage authenticity; support risk-taking amid uncertainties, and embrace a sense of possibility."   

- Institute for Collective Wellbeing